Social Security Expert Brian Doherty Explains Social Security Benefits for Divorced Spouses

The Social Security law does not ignore divorced people. The law has some help for divorced spouses in some circumstances. Social security expert Brian Doherty explains how the Social Security law takes care of divorcees in this report.

Brian Doherty

Brian Doherty

Doherty explains that ex-spouses can be at a disadvantage under the Social Security law if they were married for less than ten years. A divorced spouse in that situation can only claim benefits on his or her work history. However, ex-spouses who were married for ten years or more get a break.

For one thing, the divorced spouse can claim a spousal benefit based on the size of the ex-spouse’s benefit. The divorced spouse can do this with the ex-spouse’s knowledge, and the spousal benefit claim has no effect on the ex-spouse’s benefit. The spousal benefit is 50% of the other, larger benefit amount.

Also, if (1) the ex-spouse dies first, (2) the divorced spouse didn’t remarry, the ex-spouse is entitled to receive a survivor benefit equal to the amount of the monthly benefit that the ex-spouse was receiving.

Brian Doherty is the author of a new book “Getting Paid To Wait,” which reveals his groundbreaking strategy on how to maximize Social Security benefits. He is a nationally-recognized expert on Social Security claiming strategies and a top-rated speaker and media commentator on this topic. He began his career as a financial advisor with Dean Witter. He is President of Filtech, a consulting company specializing in Social Security claiming strategies. The Legal Broadcast Network is a featured network of the Sequence Media Group.